Discover our disruptive innovation in hydrogen mobility, unveiled during IAA Mobility 2021!

Storing energy, reducing emissions and inventing the way forward

At the heart of the automotive industry’s transformation, in a context of stricter environmental standards, Plastic Omnium helps automotive manufacturers to develop technologies for all engine types: gasoline, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

Leading the way in clean technology, the Group is designing innovative hydrogen solutions for zero-emission electric mobility.

Plastic Omnium – a major global player in new hydrogen mobility

Our objective: meet customer needs across the entire hydrogen chain, with a “one-stop-shop” strategy, offering high-pressure storage tanks, fuel cells and full system management. From hydrogen storage to integrated hydrogen systems and fuel cell stack.

2 hydrogen-focused R&D sites in France and China
Production capabilities across the entire value chain
1st contracts for
industrial vehicles,
diversification of
the customer portfolio
patents filed
Mechatronic (E valve) system & computer for optimized filling and internal vapor flow management
30% lighter than the metal equivalent

Electronic control for Plug-In Hybrids

Plastic Omnium’s high-pressure fuel tanks are able to meet the specific requirements of the engines in plug-in hybrid vehicles: an innovation to help advance the energy transition.
INWIN is a fuel system that can withstand the high fuel vapor pressure when the vehicle is running in all-electric mode, thanks to its optimized architecture.
TANKTRONIC® offers simplified architecture with our innovative, electronically controlled E valve. This system brings optimal performance at a low cost. It combines efficiency with energy frugality, helping to reduce the vehicle’s pollution emissions.

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